Matrix | AUDI Illuminating Watch 
Duration: 2 Weeks
Project Type: School Project (Individual)
Matrix is a watch design inspired by Audi’s brand language and laser light technology. Similar to Audi’s designs, the Matrix takes simple form and emphasizes the overall design with dynamic illumination. The main objective of this project was to practice CAD modeling (SOLIDWORKS)  and digital rendering (KeyShot).
Simple form with a high-tech lighting emphasis is one of the common design themes seen across the Audi product line. This unique design theme of Audi was the driving inspiration for the Matrix watch design.
The goal of Audi’s design is to express the technological competence and quality of the brand.
Like Audi, this watch is simple and delivers the most important information using light. Outer light bulbs represent the hour and the inner hand represents the minute.
Thank you very much for reading
This project is intended for educational purposes and is not related to Audi Automobile Manufacturer.


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