Jaguar Ski Goggle
Objective: Design a ski goggle or a headphone for a specific brand that does not  currently make ski goggles or headphones. 
Team Members: Drew Robinson, Sarah Seaifan 
Duration: 4 Weeks
Jaguar is a car company with British heritage that is now owned by Tata Motors of India. Throughout Jaguar’s history, elegance, quality, power, performance, and beauty have been the main focus of the brand. Today, Jaguar also strives for excellence, where “Good Enough is Never Good Enough.”
Jaguar is an entry level luxury car brand that competes with Lexus, BMW, and Audi, among others. Therefore, their major target markets includes wealthy young men and retired car lovers.
All Jaguar models’ side profile can be simplified using three curves that make up what is called the “Bloodline”. The Bloodline has been used in old jaguar models such as the E-Type, and it is still used today in all of Jaguar’s models. This character line is what connects the past, present and future of Jaguar.
Recently, Jaguar’s chief director of design, Ian Callum, introduced a new character line called the “Chicane Line.” This new character line is inspired by the chicane race track where two adjacent bends create a third degree function curve. Ian Callum incorporates Chicane Lines in new Jaguar models to express a sense of speed and movement. He also improved the tactile experience of driving Jaguars by using simple buttons and rotary dials along with a touch screen.
The Bloodline introduced beauty to Jaguar’s designs and the Chicane Line introduced speed and movement. Together, these elements represent the art of performance.
In the ski goggle industry, spherical lenses are considered luxurious compared to cylindrical lenses because they provide increased peripheral vision and cost more to manufacture.
In order to represent Jaguar’s main slogan “The Art of Performance,” the general direction of the ski goggle design was targeted toward the performance and elegant quadrant.
Key considerations for Jaguar ski goggle are:
Jaguar’s Design Language (Bloodline and Chicane Line etc.), Aerodynamic, Lightweight Architecture, Elegance, Quality, and Performance
Group Ideation
Modeling a symmetrical product is not an easy task. Therefore, line tape and a paper template were used throughout the entire modeling process to keep both sides of the ski goggle symmetrical.
For the final model, Chicane Lines are used throughout the frame of the ski goggle to demonstrate speed and movement. Also, the overall form of the goggle is inspired by old school racing goggles worn by racers in Jaguar’s racing history. The outer frame looks like 3 separate pieces locking in the lens. This design feature represents the Jaguar’s lightweight aluminum architecture, aerodynamics and most importantly, the Bloodline.  Furthermore, the circular connection between the ski goggle and the strap is inspired by rotary dials used commonly in newer Jaguar models.
Image Reference
Jaguar E Type - 
Jaguar F Type - 
Ian Callum - 
Old Go Kart - 
Chicane Racing Track -–-progress-update 
Jaguar I Pace Interior - 
Jaguar F Pace Interior -
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