Audi TT Watch
This watch was inspired by Audi's iconic roadster, TT.  Overall form is influenced by the gas cap of Audi TT, an element that defines Audi TT. Just like Audi, the design of the watch is simple and emphasizes the overall design using light. 
Individual Project
Duration: 2 Weeks
Just like Audi, this watch is simple and delivers most important information using light.  Outer light bulbs represent the hour and the inner hand represents the minute.
This  project is intended for educational purposes and is not not related to Audi Automobile Manufacturer 
*Layout testing page*
Image Reference
Audi TT Rear View - 
Audi TT Interior - 
Audi A7 Front -
Background Image of Cover Rendering - 
Background Image of Context Rendering  -
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